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Healing From Infidelity & Betrayal Trauma Is Possible

If you’re one of the many women whose relationship has been impacted by infidelity, affairs, pornography or sexual addiction, welcome to the sisterhood my friend. You are not alone, you are not broken, and you can recover from betrayal trauma. Working with me you will discover that not only can you survive betrayal trauma, but you can heal the deep wounds, and thrive in your recovery.

You are more than the choices of your partner or spouse, and you are absolutely worthy of the peace and restoration that recovery can bring to your life. Don’t stay in the pain, isolation, or bitterness any longer. Book your first session today, and start healing with me. 

Meet Carla

I'm a laid back, curly headed, coffee drinking, follower of Jesus Christ. I live in the country, just outside our small town in Louisiana, with my husband, four kids, two dogs, and our duck.

Through my personal experience with betrayal trauma and my ongoing recovery journey, I have developed a passion for helping other women in their journey of healing from infidelity, affairs, pornography or sexual addiction.

As a coach, I help women understand what's going on within as a result of the betrayal trauma. We will focus on creative solutions to any obstacles in your recovery, and help you create a unique plan to achieve your goals for healing.

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